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Intranasal Naloxone for Opioid Overdose

“Intranasal naloxone is safe and effective for reversing opioid overdose and is now available without prescription,” authors of a JAMA Insights article conclude. “Physicians and other licensed clinicians should prescribe naloxone to those who may benefit.”

The article describes indications for naloxone administration, use of naloxone in opioid overdose, safety of available products, prevention of opioid overdose, availability of naloxone without a prescription, barriers to naloxone use, and naloxone use in patients with fentanyl overdose. “Availability of naloxone without a prescription may reduce stigma and communicate that naloxone is safe and effective,” the authors write. “Naloxone without prescription may be available in pharmacies, gas stations, grocery stores, other businesses, or via online sale. This accessibility may be particularly important for people residing in rural parts of the US.”

Source: JAMA