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Clinical Remission in Severe Asthma

“Biologics can reduce the burden of asthma exacerbations and [oral corticosteroids (OCS)] use in patients with asthma,” write authors of a Commentary on achieving clinical remission in patients with severe asthma (SA). “As such, they have enabled a paradigm shift toward an era of precision medicine, thereby invigorating conversations about the potential for patients to achieve and maintain asthma remission.”

Based on a post hoc analysis of clinical remission across three phase 3 trials in SA, the authors provide this input using a composite definition of remission: “Given the challenge in meeting the consensus remission definition for some patients with SA, the question remains—in clinical practice, how should we describe the outcome for patients who meet some, but not all, of the criteria for remission? For some patients, reductions in exacerbations and OCS use (ie, stable disease) could be substantially beneficial, whereas for other patients reductions in background medications, symptoms, and/or impairments could substantially reduce their burden of disease. Ultimately, treatment goals likely vary among individuals based on many factors, including the stage of their disease and their clinical presentation. Nevertheless, it is important to remember that these questions can be answered clinically through direct health care professional-patient shared decision-making, further highlighting the importance of including patient preferences when defining or identifying remission in asthma.”

Source: Chest