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Proton FLASH Radiotherapy for Symptomatic Bone Metastases

In the first-in-human clinical trial of ultra-high-dose-rate proton radiotherapy (proton FLASH therapy), palliative treatment of bone metastases in 10 patients was clinically feasible. “The treatment efficacy and the profile of adverse events were comparable with those of standard-of-care radiotherapy,” the researchers report. “These findings support the further exploration of FLASH radiotherapy in patients with cancer.”

In 10 patients aged 27 to 81 years (median age, 63 years), 12 sites were irradiated with FLASH radiotherapy. Over a median follow-up period of 4.8 months, patients had pain relief in 8 of the 12 sites and transient pain flares in 4 sites. They reported complete response (no pain) for 6 of the 12 irradiated sites.

“Future clinical trials of proton FLASH should extend these findings to other parts of the body (eg, thorax, pelvis, head and neck) to demonstrate the applicability of this technology to multiple cancers,” the investigators conclude.

Source: JAMA Oncology