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Prevention of Herpes Zoster & Burden of Type 2 Diabetes

Herpes zoster (HZ) prevention in patients with type 2 diabetes (T2D) lowered health care resource use (HCRU) in a retrospective cohort analysis of U.S. commercial claims data. “Given the increased risk of HZ and HCRU and cost burden in patients with T2D, HZ prevention in patients with T2D may be beneficial,” the authors conclude.

The claims cover the 2012–18 time period and are used to calculate HZ incidence rates/1,000 person-years (PYs) in patients with and without T2D, adjusted incidence rate ratios (aIRRs), and propensity scores matched to patients with T2D only and to patients with HZ without T2D. Patients with T2D were more likely to have HZ, with crude HZ incidence rates with and without T2D of 9.8/1,000 PY and 2.6/1,000 PY, respectively. “T2D patients were almost twice as likely to be diagnosed with HZ (aIRR 1.84; 95% CI 1.82–1.85),” the authors report. “HZ was associated with increased HCRU and health care costs. At 12 months, unadjusted incremental all-cause health care costs for patients with T2D with HZ versus patients with T2D without HZ were $5,216. The unadjusted incremental HZ-related health care costs for patients with T2D with HZ versus patients with HZ without T2D were $2,726. Age was the most important predictor for HZ-related complications.”

Source: Diabetes Care