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Post-COVID Symptoms 12 Weeks After Omicron Infection

During a period of dominance by the omicron variant of SARS-CoV-2 in Geneva, Switzerland, the prevalence of post-COVID symptoms and functional impairment in ambulatory patients who tested positive was similar to the frequencies observed in negative controls, a study shows. The prevalence of post-COVID symptoms was lower when individuals were vaccinated.

From Dec. 2021 through Feb. 2022, ambulatory patients were followed for 12 weeks after COVID-19 tests, regardless of the result. “Overall, 11.7% of Omicron cases had symptoms 12 weeks after the infection compared to 10.4% of individuals who tested negative during the same period (P < 0.001), and symptoms were much less common in vaccinated vs non-vaccinated individuals with Omicron infection (9.7% vs 18.1%, P < 0.001),” the investigators write. “There were no significant differences in functional impairment at 12 weeks between Omicron cases and negative controls even after adjusting for multiple potential confounders.”

The authors conclude: “While this study evaluates symptoms at 12 weeks, it will be important to do so at 6-12 months and beyond. Further investigations of the risk of post-COVID conditions following infections from newer variants and the impact of different treatments in the acute and post-acute phases of infection are also warranted.”

Source: Clinical Infectious Diseases