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Oral Fluoroquinolone Use & Acute Liver Injury

The risk of acute liver injury (ALI) was increased among people taking oral fluoroquinolones, compared with amoxicillin, in a propensity score–matched study of all Swedish adults aged 40–85 years. The findings support those of recent studies that “raised concerns of hepatotoxic potential related to the use of fluoroquinolones,” the authors write. “During a follow-up period of 60 days, users of oral fluoroquinolones had a >2-fold risk of ALI compared to users of amoxicillin (hazard ratio, 2.32 [95% confidence interval {CI}, 1.01–5.35). The adjusted absolute risk difference for use of fluoroquinolones as compared to amoxicillin was 4.94 (95% CI, .04–16.3) per 1 million episodes.”