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Once-Weekly Insulin Icodec in Insulin-Naive Type 2 Diabetes

In the ONWARDS 5 trial, once-weekly insulin icodec titrated with a dosing guide app (icodec with app) was significantly more efffective than once-daily basal insulin analogues (OD analogues) in terms of improving glycated hemoglobin (HbA1c) levels, treatment satisfaction, and compliance scores in patients with type 2 diabetes. Patients in both treatment groups had similarly low hypoglycemia rates. “Once-weekly icodec with a dosing guide app could conceivably address several challenges seen in everyday practice, including inadequate dose titration and nonadherence to prescribed treatment regimens,” the authors conclude.

The 52-week, phase 3a trial included real-world elements at 176 sites in 7 countries. The 1,085 insulin-naive adults with type 2 diabetes were randomized to icodec with app or OD analogue (insulin degludec, insulin glargine U100, or insulin glargine U300).

Based on a primary outcome of the change in HbA1c level, the investigators found: “The estimated mean change in HbA1c level from baseline to week 52 was greater with icodec with app than with OD analogues, with noninferiority (P< 0.001) and superiority (P = 0.009) confirmed in prespecified hierarchical testing (estimated treatment difference [ETD], −0.38 percentage points [95% CI, −0.66 to −0.09 percentage points]). At week 52, patient-reported outcomes were more favorable with icodec with app than with OD analogues (ETDs, 3.04 [CI, 1.28 to 4.81] for TRIM-D and 0.78 [CI, 0.10 to 1.47] for DTSQ). Rates of clinically significant or severe hypoglycemia were low and similar with both treatments.”

Source: Annals of Internal Medicine