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Obesity-Related SNPs Associated With Weight Gain After First-Line ART

After antiretroviral therapy (ART) is initiated in people with HIV (PWH), “genetic factors may play a role in weight gain,” researchers report. Several obesity-related SNPs (OR-SNPs) were associated with weight gain in the 96 weeks after ART was started, the study shows. The mechanism by which this occurs is not yet understood.

ART-naive PWH who began treatment in 2014 or later deposited blood and/or DNA in the Spanish HIV Research Cohort databank. For 1,021 PWH whose records were included, “The mean weight gain over 96 weeks was 2.90 (95% CI: 2.54–3.26) kg,” the authors write. “Factors associated with higher weight gain were female sex, birth in Sub-Saharan Africa, prior AIDS, CD4+ < 200 cells/uL, HIV-RNA > 100,000 copies/mL, negative HCV serology, and use of tenofovir alafenamide. A significant association was found between ZC3H4rs3810291 GG genotype and BCDIN3D/FAIM2 rs7138803 GG genotypes polymorphisms and weight and BMI increase. The estimated adjusted mean (SE) of weight gains were 4.26 (0.56) kg in ZC3H4 rs3810291 GG carriers and 2.66 (0.19) kg in AA/AG carriers (P = 0.007). Likewise, the estimated means (SE) weight gain at 96 weeks were 3.35 (0.29) kg in BCDIN3D/FAIM2rs7138803 GG carriers and 2.51 (0.24) Kg in AG/AA carriers (P = 0.020).”

Source: Clinical Infectious Diseases