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NEJM Multimedia: Migraine, Arsenic Poisoning, COVID-19 Vaccine Development

In the current issue of the New England Journal of Medicine are 3 multimedia presentations of interest:

The development of new COVID-19 vaccines is discussed in an audio interview with Kathy Neuzil, Director of the Center for Vaccine Development and Global Health at the University of Maryland. The 21-minute interview also discusses vaccines for other infectious diseases.

Images in Clinical Medicine features photographs of the skin changes on the chest and palms that accompany chronic arsenic poisoning. A 34-year-old woman had a 3-year history of changes in skin color. Arsenic was found in well water the patient was drinking at her home in West Bengal, India. Neighbors using the same water source were also affected.

An instructional video “provides essential and useful information for any clinician caring for patients with [migraine]. Newer acute and preventive therapies — including triptans, gepants, ditans, and injectable monoclonal antibodies — are discussed, as are the importance of a patient-centered approach and the need to tackle challenges of access to these newer agents.”

Source: New England Journal of Medicine