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Diabetes Prevalence in COVID-19 Patients & COVID-19–Related Severity and Mortality

Diabetes was a major factor involved in the severity of COVID-19, a systematic review shows, accounting for 9.5% of cases of severe COVID-19 and 16.8% of deaths. Income and quality of healthcare were linked to these findings.

The authors identified 729 studies of 29.9 million patients with COVID-19 that reported the prevalence of diabetes and the severity of COVID-19. The results showed the following: “The pooled prevalence of diabetes in stratified COVID-19 groups was 14.7% (95% CI 12.5–16.9) among confirmed cases, 10.4% (7.6–13.6) among nonhospitalized cases, 21.4% (20.4–22.5) among hospitalized cases, 11.9% (10.2–13.7) among nonsevere cases, 28.9% (27.0–30.8) among severe cases, and 34.6% (32.8–36.5) among deceased individuals, respectively. Multivariate metaregression analysis explained 53–83% heterogeneity of the pooled prevalence. Based on a modified version of the comparative risk assessment model, we estimated that the overall [population attributable fraction (PAF)] of diabetes was 9.5% (7.3–11.7) for the presence of severe disease in COVID-19–infected individuals and 16.8% (14.8–18.8) for COVID-19–related deaths. Subgroup analyses demonstrated that countries with high income levels, high health care access and quality index, and low diabetes disease burden had lower PAF of diabetes contributing to COVID-19 severity and death.”

Source: Diabetes Care